Altruism In Education

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Is teaching a profession? It is a doubtful and controversial question. Dr. George (2010) pointed out that profession means people who persist to ethical standards, learn the special knowledge and skills. They need to accept the training at a high level and are recognized by the public. A profession means that people apply expertise knowledge and exercise expertise skills. In this essay, it will explore and explain that teaching is a profession.

First of all, teaching is a profession because it provides an important public service and altruistic service. Altruism is a concept that identifying individuals who are self-sacrificing and directing their concern toward others. According to some theoreticians, altruism means that people help others that they do not care the external award (Macaulay & Berkowitz, 1970). School which is a miniature society, every child must to study at. Every people has the opportunity and right to obtain the education. If students reject to learn, their parent will break the law, even need to go to the prison. Teachers and educators have intense responsibilities and duties. Teachers pass on their accumulated cultures and knowledge to assist their students to finish the self realization and difficult situations. Teachers and educators need to cultivate the significant social values, train the behaviors and transfer the knowledge. Moreover, cultivating the new generation is the major onus for the teachers. According to the Mr. Kreag (n.d.), it is
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