Aluminium Metal Composite Case Study

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Your Name SELVA KUMAR.E , VENKATESHWARAN.S Year of Study 3rd Year Department MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Area(s) of Interest MATERIAL SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING Contact 9486982105 9003836547 DEVELOPMENT OF ALUMINIUM BASED HYBRID NANO COMPOSITE THROUGH STIR CASTING PROCESS Project Summary Future demand in Metal matrix composite materials (MMCs) offers a great potential in creating next generation technological evolution in automotive, aerospace and marine industries for all versatile applications. In this study an attempt has been made to fabricate aluminium metal matrix composite with the composition of ( ) and (…show more content…
no Milestone Activities Duration (months) 1 Literature survey Technical Paper collection 3 2 Execution of DOE Optimization of High energy ball milling process parameters for Al- CNT milling Synthesis of Al-CNT powders with Various combination of compositions Optimization of sintering parameters for Al- CNT FGM Fabrication of Al-CNT nano composite FGM with various proportions Optimization of thickness of Al-CNT FGM 20 3 Material characterization Optical microscope, SEM, Chemical analysis, XRD, TEM, Particle size analysis, Surface area analysis etc. 5 4 Testing Hardness, Thermal conductivity, Tensile, Compressive, Wear and abrasive, Corrosion, bending test etc. 5 5 Analysis/ Report preparation Analysis, Report generation 5 6 Publication Journal publication

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