Alvin Munk: A Short Story

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“Pick up the horse stools while you’re out,” repeated Mr. Munk to his disobeying son. Alvin Munk was a brilliant, determined young boy, yet he was a piece of work for his parents. After continuos trials at getting Alvin to get rid of the horse stools, he finally fulfilled his parents command. As he drug his heavy feat out to the horse fence, his ignorant older brother, Cam, swept him off his feet from behind. Almost feeling like he was in slow motion, Alvin fell to earth’s surface full of stallion feces. “Stay on the ground, it’s the only place you’ll ever go living in this dump of a town. You might as well dig your grave right there, Alvin,” uttered Cam in a hopeless and deceiving tone. This was a normal day for Alvin Munk on the dry, plain …show more content…

Dr. McMillan will not give me my anesthesiologist of the year award if those samples are not in his hands by noon, and that’s cutting it short. I can’t believed I trusted you as my assistant. We are the premier hospital in Los Angeles, and I can’t have you messing things up. You were more reliable as just a college buddy.” Alvin was the head of McMillan hospitals in L.A., and his shoulders were carrying a heavy load during the winter season. It was Christmas and the hospital hosted a special holiday party for all employees and surgeons. Alvin entered the party joyful and arrogant about his marvelous duties in the medical field, and his peers did not see him as a team player. Alvin ended up spending the party alone in the dark, empty corner of the hospital, while his co-workers enjoyed laughters and drinks together. Alvin left the party for his loving family at home, listening to the gossip and murmur about his …show more content…

Now, everything was gone. First his friends, then his family, and now his career. Alvin was drenched in a deep sweat, worrying about what is next to come for him. He went home to think about life, and saw glimpses of his childhood life again, where he didn’t have to care for a family, or run a business, and it all seemed simpler. He lied back in his bed and looked up at the ceiling, falling asleep. As his eyelids covered his pupils, he heard familiar smells and sounds, ones that used to be unpleasant, but now warmed his

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