Alvin Pleasant Delaney: The Carter Family Group

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The Carter family group consisted of Alvin Pleasant Delaney ("A.P." Carter, December 15, 1891 – November 7, 1960), his wife Sara Dougherty Carter (1898–1979) and his sister –in –law Maybelle Addington Carter (1909–1978). They were a traditional American folk music group recorded between 1927 and 1956 and the first music group became country music stars. Their music provided both material as well as techniques to new generation of musicians and had been influential in bluegrass, country, Southern Gospel, pop and rock musicians as well as on the U.S. folk revival of the 1960s. The Carter’s traditional musical style was revolved around the unique guitar playing skill of Maybelle. Maybelle developed an innovative playing technique called “Carter
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