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“It never stopped, this running. We were constant prey, and the hunters soon became big blurs: the police, the gangs, the junkies, the dudes on Garvey Boulevard who took our money, all smudged into one. Sometimes they were teachers who jumped on us Mexicans as if we were born with a hideous stain. we were always afraid. Always Running.” - Luis J. Rodriguez, author of Always Running. To put it differently, this quote shows how Luis is impacted by racial inequality seeing as he viewed the world as a scary place for people just like him. Where they were constant prey among the hunters such as gangs, the junkies, and so on. In his autobiography, it tells the story of Luis experiencing racial inequality throughout his life such as in a normal day-to-day…show more content…
Rodriguez writes, “ Carlitos questions why we were being stopped and searched. “ We didn’t do anything. We just walking man.” One police officers told him to shut up. But Carlitos kept on. “ Why are we always being harassed.”( Rodriguez 95) This shows that Luis and Carlitos were being harassed by the police. This gives an example that being disrespected and harassed to those who aren’t native is common. Luis already seeming defeated while Carlitos seemed to be questioning how society is treating him. Racism in Luis’s life experiences has always been a big part of his life others hating him, judged by the teachers not letting them experience his own culpability, and the cops pointing and labeling him as a threat. He’s constantly judged by everyone around him that think they're superior to him and others always view him the way the chose too. Whether it’s true to who he is or not. The tenacity of being reminded by the minute that you don't belong to something you have any control over will ever so quietly destroy you. It will show a person's strength by showing if they are truly defeated or if they know their own self-worth to go be
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