Always To Remember Analysis

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Imagine a Vietnam soldier coming home after fighting and trying their hardest for their country, to be given no appreciation or recognition. In the riveting text, “Always to Remember: The Vision of Maya Ying Lin,” this is all explained by Brent Ashabranner, author of this nonfiction text and a Veteran from a previous war. Ashabranner’s word choice of the two part title contributes to two main ideas throughout the text, creativity from the memorial itself and remembrance from all the soldiers who were lost in war. An astounding memorial, a piece of artwork, and a commemoration of all the Veterans who died or went missing is all shown in this text. What started as not even being considered Veterans soon transformed into creating a whole memorial in memory of them. The author’s word choice in the, “Always to Remember,” portion of the title symbolizes and recognizes the bravery and dedication the Vietnam Veterans had to fight for our country. For example, in the text it states how since many people were opposed to this war, “veterans were not honored as veterans of other wars has been.” This shows that since Americans were opposed to the army forces…show more content…
The author’s word choice in the portion of the title called, “The Vision of Maya Ying Lin,” shows the idea of a young women who entered the national memorial design contest. When designing this memorial, Maya Ying Lin actually went to the site where it would eventually be constructed. This helped her form the idea that the memorial should be a place for, “quiet reflection.” She wanted the memorial to stand horizontal so it would, “enter the earth, rather than piercing the sky.” This example shows how Maya Ying Lin envisioned the memorial; peaceful and calm. The author also chose these words for this title, because he wanted to symbolize Maya Ying Lin’s place in the remembrance of those lost in
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