Always To Remember The Vision Of Mayan Lin Analysis

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58,000 men and women gone. $160,000 donated. $20,000 prize. 2,573 registrations. 1,421 entrees. 1 winner. These are all very large numbers, and they all go towards the true story, “Always to Remember: The Vision of Maya Ying Lin” by Brent Ashabranner. It is already known that this title surely represents the fact that a vision that belonged to a women shall always be remembered, but why would the author pick a title such as this? And why two parts? Looking at the two part title, the two sections do correlate with each other, in fact, the whole title is able to be connected and correlated with one another when being picked apart. This alone is a reasonable answer to why the author chose the title. The only question is, how do the titles…show more content…
These words are not very complex, and most might assume that the reason for the author choosing the title is for the very simple conclusion, that the story is about Maya Ying Lin’s vision, but the reality of it is far more complicated than they appear. In the beginning of the passage, the speaker discusses how the memorial needs to be something that no one has seen before- something entirely new and unique, and that is not expected. This is where Maya’s vision comes in. This is the type of vision that is wanted, but it is also something that represents the artist. Everyone expected the great designer of the memorial would be some sort of an expert of the field or someone who is already known and probably who is a bit older and more experienced, but this was not the outcome. The outcome of the winner was someone who was new, exciting, and young. A twenty one year old graduate at Yale University named Maya Ying Lin. People were shocked about the fact that she was the designer of the Vietnam War Memorial because no one expected a chinese artist who had designed the memorial was just as new and different as they had wanted the sculpture to be. Therefore, the author chose these words in the title because they correlate with each

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