Alyss In Looking Glass Wars

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Why are people so vindictive towards the past? The problem begins with a adjustment of rules for revenge. Often authors use this conflict to reveal aspects of a character. In the Looking Glass Wars an event occurs that changes Alyss’ life forever. This is how Beddor shows how Alyss changes in the story. In the beginning of the novel Alyss is characterized as imaginative,loving, and spontaneous. She has a strong imagination. The author states “You will be the strongest queen yet” (Beddor 22). This is Queen Genevieve telling Alyss that she has a very powerful imagination and skill to be a great queen. Also showing how the queen trusts Alyss to be the next queen. She is loved by most but especially her father, in the book Beddor quotes “Even…show more content…
The author shows with “... are you sure your highness.”(Beddor 98) This is Alyss asking the prince if he is sure of his proposal. This shows she is mature because she becoming a women in the new world. This also shows she is mature because she is skeptical of her future by the question so she asks are you sure. Alyss was proven to be accepting because the author states “When she emerged from her room the next morning.....The Lidells noticed a change in Alyss without being able to pinpoint what it was.” (Beddor 90). Alys had given up on the old world and began to accept the new . When Alyss does so she shows it by wearing a dress she ould never wear and calling Mr and Mrs. Lidell by Mom and Father. Later she is characterized as curious, but for a person. Beddor states this by telling “She wanted to take this opportunity to spy on her guests, why? because she was looking for somebody”(Beddor119). This is Alyss looking for the man she met during the masquerade. Alyss seems to know who he is but refuses to believe it is him from her past life. These are the reasons Alyss is characterized as mature, accepting, and curious. Will Alyss become royal and change or will she be the same in the new
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