Alyss In The Looking Glass Wars

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Alyss The Youngster In Wonderland 1 out of 1 people fear for their life at night. Ever since the princess escaped to the real world, people have been fighting, only to lose hope. When Redd attacked the castle Alyss had no choice but to flee with Hatter into our world, Earth In The Looking Glass Wars, Beddor uses imagery and details to reveal, portray and explore how Alyss changes in the novel In the beginning of the novel Alyss is described to be young, imaginative, and troublesome. In the book she described as “celebrating the seventh birthday of their future queen” (Beddor) Alyss is constantly playing games and getting into trouble with her best friend dodge. However, she is never trying to be mean, she just enjoys to have fun. “It’d
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