Alzheimer's Association Case Study

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The Alzheimer’s Association is an organization that provides support to families who have a loved one suffering from this disease. Alzheimer’s is a disease that affects many. This organization helps advocate and help to advance the research to cure this disease. This terrifying disease is represented by this organization that stands to help the people affected by Alzheimer`s.
There are several primary audiences that the Alzheimer`s Association targets to help. This organization works on a local, national, and even a global level . Their purpose is the provide care for those affected by this disease personally or through support of family members. This organization will provide support to those who are experiencing this in
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This organization has a “professionally staffed phone line that aims to offer advice and support to whomever needs it” (Alz, 2016). This could vary from family members or someone who is dealing with this disease. Another support service offered by this organization is through support groups. The organization fosters connections so people who are experiencing similar feelings connect. Also, the Alzheimer`s Association provides educational sessions to provide information. Finally, “the organization provides a navigation tool to help provide a plan of action for those suffering from this disease” (Alz, 2016).

Membership Requirements The Alzheimer`s association has a variety of different membership levels. Each different membership level has different requirements. Members need to demonstrate dedication to the organization. Also, members commit to helping the association achieve its goals to end Alzheimer’s. There are different levels of membership that the Alzheimer`s Association provides. There are not specific membership dues. However, there are specific donation requirements to achieve certain levels of membership. The basic level of membership according to the Alzheimer`s Association brochure is the friend level. This level requires a donation of 50 dollars to 249 dollars. Each level of membership also provides the member with certain benefits that vary between the different

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