Alzheimer's By Kelly Cherry

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When the man arrives at home from the hospital, he begins to remember that “this is his house” (Cherry 15). In the poem, “Alzheimer’s,” Kelly Cherry expresses the confusions and difficulties a man with dementia struggles with in life. The poem explores the chaos of the man who comes home from the hospital and his conflicts with his memory loss. The speaker is close to the man and is frustrated with him at the beginning of the poem, but the speaker’s feeling toward the man eventually shifts to sadness. Caring for a person with Alzheimer’s disease can be painful and heartbreaking, though people need to understand that familiar circumstances and with family support can help the patients whose mind is gradually changing. Cherry poetically expresses…show more content…
The speaker is frustrated by the man because she bitterly describes him as “a crazy old man / Back from the hospital” (1-2). The man brings his suitcase that holds his shaving scream, a piggy bank, a book and his clothes; however, his mental state is shaking “Like the suitcase” (3). The phrase, “A book he sometimes pretends to read,” (5) indicates that the speaker feels scorn for the man. Then the speaker harshly states that the man used to love music, but now the sound is just a noise. In addition, the speaker is impatient, suggesting to the old gentleman that “Other things have become more urgent” (23). He doesn’t recognize the old lady who is “Standing here in the doorway” (28) waiting for him, which indicates that the woman is his wife. The speaker seriously states that he must remember his house and the wife who is “welcoming him in” (29). The woman is happy to see him and hopes he remembers her. Finally, the contrast of the tones describes that the man suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, but also characterizes her hope for the man. Despite the speaker’s satirical, bitter, and imprudent tones, the charitable and sympathetic voices have perceived at the…show more content…
Although the poem doesn’t present any rhyme, rhythm, meter or repetition, the word order achieves a great artistic consequence of the title with its distinctive musical styles. The speaker’s harsh and bitter moods change to compassionate and a caring voice; the different tones makes the reader understand how painful and hopeless it is to lose someone he or she loves. The man used to be normal just like any other husbands or fathers who love their families and tried hard to take care of them. Although the poem portrays that the disease is depriving him of his memory of life, it metaphorically draws the positive memories of his house. Because the home gives him a strength and a security, he remembers himself even it is a touch of his life. The house is just a place where people live; however, the memories he has in the house with family are a powerful reminder that a family’s love will remain
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