Alzheimer's Disease: A Common Cause Of Dementia

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A common cause of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease. People with Alzheimer’s disease can become agitated or aggressive, as the disease gets worse. The patient may become agitated, in which they become restless or worried and cannot seem to settle down. Agitation means that the person is restless or worried (1). The patient with Alzheimer’s disease can also be aggressive, in which they will lash out verbally or try to hit or hurt someone. The causes of agitation or aggression may include any of the following reasons (1): 1. Pain 2. Depression or stress 3. Constipation 4. Soiled undergarments 5. Sudden change in a familiar place, routine, or person 6. A feeling of loss of what they used to do (for example, driving) 7. Noises or too many people

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