The Causes Of Alzheimer's Disease

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Since Alzheimer 's disease was discovered by the German doctor Aloysius Alzheimer in 1906, Alzheimer 's disease is considered a major concern all over the world and millions are affected each year. . Alzheimer 's disease is a complicated mental disorder that attacks the nerve cell of the brain. Alzheimer 's is a degenerative disease that worsen gradually, and eventually Alzheimer 's could lead to variety of symptoms such as cognitive disorders and memory shortage[1]. The causes of Alzheimer 's is still a mystery comparing to its three stages. Alzheimer 's is a mystery for a lot of people and with the high rate of affected people the need of increasing the awareness and explaining the disease and its effects is needed.…show more content…
Scientists believe that there is no single clear cause of Alzheimer 's disease. They believe for most people, Alzheimer 's disease is caused by a mixture of genetic, lifestyle and environmental aspects that affect the brain over time. The risk of having Alzheimer 's seems to be somewhat higher if a first degree relative has the disease. Scientists have identified mutations in three genes that almost guarantee an individual who inherits them will have Alzheimer 's. But these mutations account for not more than 5 percent of Alzheimer 's disease.[4] Also, scientists have identified a number of regions of interests in the genome that may increase a person’s risk for late onset of Alzheimer’s to variable degrees.[5] Most genetic mechanisms of Alzheimer 's among families remain largely mysterious. The strongest risk gene researchers have discovered so far is apolipoprotein e4 (APOE e4) which increases the person’s risk of developing the disease and is also connected with the earlier age of the disease onset.[6] Alzheimer 's disease is one of the expensive chronic diseases to society. In 2016, total expenses…show more content…
Medicare and Medicaid programs are expected to cover $160 billion, or 68 percent, of the total health care and long term care expenses that is nearly one in every five Medicare dollars is spent on people with Alzheimer 's and other dementias. In 2050, it will be one in every three dollars. Unless something is done, in 2050, Alzheimer 's is expected to cost more than $1 trillion [7]. That means there will be an increase in government spending and more economical issues for U.S and many other countries that suffer from this disease. Alzheimer 's is one of many serious illnesses that affect a wide range of people among us and many people lack the awareness about the diseases. What makes Alzheimer 's an interesting field for

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