Alzheimer's Disease Effects On Family Members

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Alzheimer’s disease and the effects on family members
Diana Gonzalez
Community College of Aurora PSY 101-112 General Psychology I: SP17 3/8/2017

There have been studies that examine the effects of family members who are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease being good or bad. Some studies looked at how care givers are effected. They can be known to depress prior to or after death of the person diagnosed with the disease (Stroebe, Zech, Stroebe, & Abakoumkin, 2005). Other studies showed how the family member with Alzheimer’s and the care giver interaction with the physician is known to result to the caregiver had more interaction than the patient does (Fortinsky, 2001). Another study showed how a family members
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(2007; 2009) did a diary study of persons with Alzheimer’s disease and their caregivers. This study included eighty-three ages 41-85 years. These 83 were people who volunteered to write a diary about being the family caregiver, and how their family member changes over time. These family caregivers provided the majority of home care of people with Alzheimer’s disease. In this study, it was discussed on how a family caregivers’ life orientation and changes in life orientation during the first year after the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. The dairies were for the first six months after the family member being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. The term “family caregiver” is used to refer to a person who primarily helps a person with Alzheimer’s disease with his/her daily life. A series of findings were made from the description being doubtful at first with a family member having Alzheimer’s to describing their new…show more content…
Either with their day to day activities, relationship, and with whom a physician goes to when it comes to a family who has someone who has Alzheimer’s. In the future, more studies about gender difference in caregiving behaviors should be done. With these studies, we could be able to see how the behaviors on how different gender influences the behaviors between the connections of spouses. Also, continued diary studies would be a great source to gather more and more information on how a caregiver’s life changes after a family members are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s

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