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The song handles the important topic it addresses, based on the topic of the song “Am I Wrong”. It tells the public how they shouldn’t let people tell them that they are wrong on the choices they make and they should learn to live with their own decisions. For instance, my ex flat mate was born into a wealthy home, where both parents never cared about their kid’s happiness, all they wanted and were interested in was their children getting married into a wealthy home. My ex flat mate Nancy, finally got into a relationship with a rich boy, who hits her every day and whenever she tries to relate the situation to her mom she always pushes her away. But Nancy made a decision to leave the relationship despite her parent’s pressure. Everyone from her parents to her siblings to her uncles and aunty, felt she made the wrong decision. But she never cared about they opinion. Nancy made her decision based on her happiness and been tired of her parents controlling her. Just has the song says “Don't let them control your life, that's just how I feel” (nico and vinz, paragraph 3). People should learn how to stop been controlled by ther family and friends. Especially in the world today, where kids want to study the courses that their parents has choosen for them…show more content…
Picking yourself up, being who you are, believing in your destiny, that’s something everyone tries to do. That’s what the song “Am I Wrong” by Nico and Vinz is about. Sometimes things just don’t go the way you planned. That is life. Nico and Vinz has made a song that helps the listener to get through their own personal hardship. The song makes people who feel they are walking the wrong path because they didn’t want to be controlled by family or capable of following their feeling. When they’re giving up, this song gives them the determination to keep on going. “Am I Wrong” makes them feel

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