Amaday's Letter To My Tribe

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It’s me, Amadahy. I am one of the natives in your tribe, born and raised and now 18 years old. You may not recognize my name considering the fact it comes from Cherokee origins but it means “forest water”. I remember you remembering my name out of the thousands of people in your tribe because your daughter, Pocahontas, and I would always play in the streams of the forest and we became best friends. Almost every woman in our tribe cooked, farmed, took care of the children. I however, hunted with the younger men, which was different than what I was trained to do, but it’s good to be a hunter. Well now, you and your tribe may be searching for Pocahontas ever since she was captured. She’s still in Virginia but she’s in an area called Henrico now, held hostage. How do I know? I’m held captive with her. I’m able to reach out to you right now because the reverend allowed us both 1 letter to our tribe for “diplomatic purposes”. I hope…show more content…
People hunt food for us using these “guns” instead of using traps or bow and arrows. I can tell they’re not as skilled as us. The time it takes for them to reload, I could shoot 4 men with a bow, and I’m not even an expert like my father, Makya is. They’ve guided us through Christianity and taught us English which I’m pretty sure I’ll use until I return with you all. Just yesterday, Alexander baptized us by dabbing water on our heads and he gave us both new names. Pocahontas is now “Rebecca” and I’m “Sapphira”, both Christian names from the bible. During my lunch, I overheard the English talking about something called “slaves”. Their purpose was just as what the captured Powhatans were forced to do. They also talk about something called the “Atlantic Slave Trade” between the Americas, Europe, and Africa. The Englishmen say it’s beneficial but it seems cruel and illogical to get a human to do what another pleases, considering the fact that they’re both the same
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