Amadeus: Mozart's Relationship Between God And God

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Moreover, Mozart’s music in Amadeus also indicates the intricate relationship between God and humans. Through Salieri’s powerful jealousy to Mozart’s music and his intense resentment about God, the movie proposes the issue of human’s incomplete belief in God and the question about the existence of God. Salieri, in the beginning part of the movie, is presented as the profoundly religious human. He believes that God grants his faithful wish to be a successful composer, so he tries to devote to his God earnestly. However, after the appearance of Mozart in his life, Salieri starts to distrust God and commit blasphemy. Through several episodes which made Salieri feel strong inferiority to Mozart’s musical talent, Salieri’s changing attitude to God and his disbelief in God are aroused, and in the episode in which Salieri examines Mozart’s first draft of his works, Salieri’s sense of disbelief explodes.…show more content…
In this scene, through the juxtaposition of his constantly changing facial expression and the series of a miraculous melody of Mozart’s work, Salieri’s frustration, which causes him to defy his true father, God, is well demonstrated. As the wonders of Mozart’s music are changed into the feeling of intolerable resentment about God, he decides to forsake his faith entirely. The break of the linkage between Salieri and his God is well depicted in the scene in which Salieri burns his cross in the fire. The movie effectively presents the significant moment in which Salieri abandons his faith in God by shooting the actor’s face in a close-up shot to capture the conflicting feelings of Salieri about his God and
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