Amalia Apolonio: The Pursuit Of Success

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Amalia Apolonio graduated from the University of the East located in the city of Manila, Philippines under the program of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. She acquired her masteral’s degree at the age of 25 at Saint Francis of Assisi College situated in Las Pinas City. Amalia Apolonio is currently at work in the Bureau of Customs sited in Pasay City as the Assistant Chief for Aircraft Operation Division for four years now and is presently applying for a advancement in effect on 2015. She once said that “ Success cannot be obtained overnight, you need to pass so many ordeals, it will probably take a long time before you can fulfill what I have defined success.” As Mrs. Apolonio delineate success, “Success is when you obtained your goal in life or being able to fulfill your desires of wealth, respect or fame.” Consequently, many people still wonder about what it really takes to succeed. Accordingly, many intriguing questions about oneself arises from the need to know of people who craves for success. People are still desperate to find answers that will guide them in their pursuit of success. Mrs. Apolonio, a seasoned professional has proven that success is something that cannot be obtained in a blink of an eye because things will not always work in accordance to your will, also, it takes a lot of inspiration and motivation for one to succeed, and lastly, success comes with a great price for failure is always bound to happen. Life doesn’t always

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