Amanda In The Great Gatsby

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The American dream is the achievement of love and prosperity throughout the process of hard work. The American Dream is unattainable; In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby and in Tennessee Williams Glass Menagerie, the characters Amanda Wingfield and Jay Gatsby shows the everlasting struggle to achieve the impossible American Dream. Amanda failed to achieve the love that is necessary to attain the unfeasible American Dream. Amanda like Gatsby in the Great Gatsby fell in love with a memory. Due to this sweet memory that Amanda contains,of her past, blurs the image she contains of the struggle the attainability that love encases. The blurred image causes Amanda to lose sight in finding love for Laura. Amanda often recalls this sweet memory…show more content…
Despite her skewed pressures, Amanda wants her children to have more than she does. Amanda want her children to be wealthy but spends all of the money they make on trying to find Laura a gentlemen caller. Amanda was born into a wealthy southern family with an exuberant amount of money, and for most of Amanda's life there was not issue, until one day the money was gone. Even though both, Amanda and Gatsby, had gone through tough times they still spent money on non necessities. Amanda was used to her family wealth and marry into money and not working for it. “Girls that aren't cut out for business careers usually wind up married to some nice man.” This is amanda point of view on life. Men should be out working and bringing in the money. Amanda point of view is somewhat momentary and bias as so because this is a changed point of view after amanda finds out her daughter dropped out of buisness School. Amanda believes without a man who has money you can never reach your everlasting goal of the american Dream.Tom works to support the family but Amanda spends the money before he makes it sometimes. “[Amanda] knows [Toms] ambitions do not lie in the warehouse,[but believes] that like everybody in the whole wide world -[Tom] had to — make sacrifices, but — Tom — Tom — life's not easy, it calls for — Spartan endurance!. Here Amanda is describing the difficulty wealth contains in order to obtain it but continues to face the
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