Amanda Knox Case Study

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Can you imagine to go study abroad and in your estance there getting charged of being the murdered of your roommate? Amanda Knox then aged 20 was an American citizen who was studying in Perugia, Italy. One night after coming back from her boyfriend’s house she found in her house what would mark her life forever. Knox came home on November 2nd to find the dead body of her English roommate Meredith Kercher. Blood stains all around the house were found along with a broken window, and Kercher’s room locked. The house was a mystery a dead body, blood stains, and what seem like a setup break in, a lot of unanswered questions were left behind that day. Amanda Knox was soon arrested along with her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, and was the first suspect of the murder. I believe she was innocent because the investigation was very poorly driven, and also because there was no physical evidence that she was there when the crime happened. Even though some people may say she is guilty because of her reaction and also because of the DNA found in the knife.
When the investigation was first introduced to the the crime it was poorly operated. The investigation was so poor that contamination of DNA
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The investigation did not just fooled the court it also fooled the italian public, which believed that Amanda Knox was the only one to blame at this time. Everyone believed Amanda was the one to blame, and they were just believing what they were told. Everyone believed that she was the only guilty one, and how could you not blame her? Her DNA was found in the crime scene, there was evidence against her just like the texts and recorded calls found in her cell phone. Another thing that also affected her was the way she reacted to the murder, as she was found being romantic to her boyfriend the same day the body was found. She was also seen purchasing the day after at a local
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