Amanda Machado's How Millennials Are Changing Travel

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Traveling around the world has always been viewed as experience and luxurious. Therefore, only those who are rich can experience it. Of course traveling has become a norm as millennials discover the benefits of it. In Amanda Machado’s “How Millennials Are Changing Travel” article, she conveys that millennials are expanding their vacations and escaping their comfort zone. On the other hand, in Derrick Fung’s “How Millennials Are Changing Travel”, article he asserts that millennials thrive for experiences and are influenced by social media to travel. And how the traveling industry is booming due to it. Both articles persuade millennials to travel and seek adventure despite the hardship with the economy. In the article “How Millennials Are Changing Travel”, Amanda Machado paints the recent reports regarding economy that in various ways influence travel rates, especially for young people. Machado…show more content…
Today’s techonology allows millennials to advantage of travels deals. Such as, the Delta Gitch of 2014 incidents allowed people to book a round trip flight from North America to Asia for less than $500. This deal was shared through social media and within hours the flights were sold out. According to Fung millennials are more spontaneous than other generation “ No longer do we plan as far ahead for travel as compared to the Baby Boomers. If we see a deal, we jump on it.” Millennials would rather see the world than spend money on materialistic items such as latest Mac laptop. “the Millennial generation is influenced heavily by where their friends are going or have been” therefore are more likely to choose a travel destination irrationally unlike the baby boomers. Fung conclude stating that millennials interest in travel will continue to expand, therefore the travel industries should take note and develop apps to accommodate their

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