Amanda Quillian Trial

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BOOM! After sitting in a long trial for a few days and being betrayed by her main witness, Alex Cooper had two investigations on her hands. Alex Cooper is head of the DA’s office and is on trial for the death of Amanda Quillian. Amanda Quillian was a housewife and has said to be murdered by her husband Brendan Quillian. In the heat of the trail an explosion of a 300-foot water tunnel under New York City has Amanda believing Brendan had something to do with it. Now she is chasing tails trying to figure out who made the explosion, coming up with more witnesses for her trial, and planning a wedding has her head spinning. In this paper I will be predicting and evaluating. After reading about the explosion, I predict that Brendan Quillian made the explosion to sidetrack the trial. When Brendan was a kid his right eye became blind after being hit in the eye by debris from a firework. His father was working in the tunnels at the time and even though Brendan was blind in one eye his father tried to get him to work down there with him when he was 18 years old. Brendan quit after his first day on the job because he couldn’t see what was going on…show more content…
Throughout the book so far Alex has been in the courtroom as the prosecutor against Brendan Quillian. The trial right away goes really well for her then the jury starts to lead towards the defense when her key witness lets out a secret that Alex had not known about. This throws Alex a curveball; it made her as angry as a lion disturbed in its habitat. After the third day of the trial the explosion takes place, which has Alex running around with her friend Mike trying to figure out who did this and how it could be connected to Brendan. Alex because she was so mad at her witness, stated, “I’m adjusting my temper, not my body heat. Keep that woman away from me or I’ll kill her.”(Fairstein 40). My evaluation of the book is that so far nothing connects Brendan to any of
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