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Good morning students teachers judges and fellow competitors. Amanda Todd was born in 1996 in British Columbia, Canada and was a happy and easygoing person. Until she met anonymous person on Facebook who praised her so much she decided to flash her shirtless chest to him. 1 full year later the same person or another anonymous person sent her the picture and it exploded creating a mass of bullying and teasing to the point that she had to change schools several times, her good name was ruined. She had no more friends, she was getting beaten up by some of her own classmates. This affected her so much that she even tried drinking bleach but was saved at the last minute. Most later she took her own life. After her death her YouTube video went viral and was…show more content…
There are four types of bullying 1.physical bullying physical bullying includes hitting kicking tripping pinching and pushing or damaging property one other type of bullying is 2.verbal bullying contains of name calling insults teasing intimidation homophobic or racist remarks and verbal abuse. The third type of bullying is covert or hidden bullying this is the hardest type of bullying to recognize because it is usually carried by their back some examples for this is lying and spreading rumours making fun of their appearance and how they look and mimicking unkind stuff and the fourth type of bullying is cyber bullying cyber bullying occurs on digital technology that 's including computers and smartphones and social media, messaging, texts and websites and other this may include abusive texts emails or post and images another way of cyber bullying is group chats of nasty gossip or rumours imitating others online using their login. There are many ways to bully someone buy just don 't do it in the first place and don 't be a bystander thank you students teachers and judges for listening to my
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