Amanda Wright Murder Case

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Tears ran down 21-year-old Amanda Wright’s face as she listened to the verdict from the jury, for the murder of her mother, Teresa Steller. She could not believe that they were letting a guilty man walk free, because he was diagnosed with being insane at the time of the crime. Teresa was brutally murdered by her husband William Steller, Amanda’s step-father. William dragged Teresa’s body, by her feet, down seventeen wooden steps causing her head to become severely bruised. He then continued to drag her to the kitchen where he stabbed her forcefully thirty-six times. After he stabbed her, he tried to wake her up, but failed to wake his wife’s lifeless body. He then called the police and said he believed his wife was dead, and he did not remember what happen to her. Last thing he said he remembered was hearing evil voices that were trying to kill him. Although this is a fake scenario, many people use this approach in various cases. People found not guilty of a…show more content…
For example, in the 1994 case of Lorena Bobbitt v. John Wayne Bobbitt, Lorena Bobbitt was charged with a class three felony offense for cutting off her husband’s genitals. Lorena words to justify her actions were as followed, “I remember[ed] many things. I remember[ed] the first time he raped me. I remember[ed] the put-downs that he told me. . . . I remember[ed] the first time he forced me to have anal sex, the bad things he said. I remember[ed] the abortion. I remember[ed] everything.” (Pershing 2). Although, it was said that Lorena suffered from emotional, physical, and sexual abuse from her husband, it gave her no right to construct a dissection on her husband genitals. Mrs. Bobbitt could have found a different way to deal with her depression. In the article, it stated, “Following nine days of testimony, the jury found Lorena Bobbitt not guilty by reason of temporary insanity” (Pershing 2). This is a prime example of unjust in the criminal court

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