Amanda's V: A Narrative Fiction

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Amanda’s POV: I sprung up suddenly knife in hand. The weight in my arms and legs was still there, but the adrenaline flowing through my veins helped slightly. Jack jumped back looking startled and my heart jumped. A look overtook his face that I hadn’t expected. I hadn’t expected him to actually be afraid. If this were a movie you would see the look of sheer terror on his face in the glint of the knife. For a millisecond, it actually stopped me. A MILLISECOND. But that was all it took. It all happened too fast. Jack grabbed my wrist too quickly for me to do anything. I tried to push forward and attack but he twisted ferociously and I screamed, dropping the knife. “At tat, tat, ta,” he chided, kicking the knife across the floor. He then…show more content…
“STOP!” He let me go but shoved me hard against the wall, right into a picture frame. I hit my head with a solid thump on the corner of it and recoiled slightly. “Ugh,” I groaned. I held my head and brought my shaking hand back down to see blood. The blood dripped off my fingers as they shook. Oh Good Lord. Blood. I don’t do well with blood. Just my mind was beginning to to consciousness, I saw something that sobered me up quickly. Jack was standing by the table, holding the cake knife. Now it was my face that was gleaming in the light of the knife. Jack’s POV: No, no, no! I couldn’t have her try that one more time! She was supposed to like me not hate me! I needed her! I needed someone! No one was here for me! Ever! No, but this time she’d gone too far. No, no. Unforgivable. This time she was going to pay. Goodbye my love. Amanda’s POV: I scrambled back away from him as he raised the knife higher. “Jack, stop!” He kept inching towards me and despite the shooting through my head and arm, I started to run as fast as I could. I heard Jack clamber after me, but he seemed to slip on the rug and I got a head start. I sprinted around a corner, finally seeing my freedom and cried out in…show more content…
I pumped my legs harder as the weight in my muscles settled to my feet. Seeing the door I didn’t even slow my pace. I smashed into it, shoulder first, and it gave but didn’t break. The pain in my shoulder was unbearable at this point. I screamed. Partially from the pain, partially from the overwhelming feeling of dread filling me. I quickly reached down and scrambled for the lock to twist and leave, only to see that Jack had removed the door handle. He TOOK OFF THE DOOR HANDLE! Above where it should be there was a key so that no one could get out or in without the key. WHAT!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? My eyes darted frantically left and right and I panicked even more. Jack rounded the corner, slamming hard into the wall as he skidded across the ground. He looked like an animal,

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