Amari In Copper Sun

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From the book Copper Sun, I have figured out that I am very different from the main character named Amari, but in some ways I can relate to her as well.
Amari is a fifteen year old African American girl, who is from a tribe called “The Ewe”. One day white people, who the tribe had never seen before, came to their village and shot and killed many innocent people, three of which were Amari’s family. The ones that were not killed were chained up and had to walk a long way, day and night, without much water. They were taken to a building that was really dreary, where there were many other girls and boys, who looked sickly. While they are in this dumpy place, Amari meets an older lady named Afi. Amari found out that Afi was once before a slave.
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We are both teenagers living a regular teenage life in our society. Where we live, basically everyone one knows everyone else. Also, we are both strong people. I am strong because of my parents divorce, which I have also learned how to treat people and how not to treat people. I also have learned respect for everyone’s feelings. Amari is strong because of what she had to deal with throughout her whole journey, from having to suffer, not being treated right on the boat, and becoming a slave. Amari and I are both definitely a strong girls! I had a lot of support from my aunts and cousins along the way of getting through the divorce. Luckily, Amari met Afi, because she is the one who helped Amari, because she has gone through this before. She is watching out for Amari, and she is trying to make her as comfortable as she can. We both would have a hard time if we didn’t have the support as we both received! Although Amari and I have many similarities, we also have many differences. Unfortunately Amari’s parents and brother were killed in the shooting brutal invading that occurred in their village. Luckily I have both of my parents and my brother and sister alive. Amari was betrothed, which means she was going to get married. In her culture, that was normal but with the culture that I live with it is not considered normal. Also Amari will become a slave, and will be controlled by white people. The only
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