Amazin Graze Case Study

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Amazin’ Graze Integrated Marketing Communication Analysis 1. Company Background • Background / History According to Sergio, M (2017), Amazin ' Graze is the start-up businesses of Malaysia in 2015 in the art of hand-made healthy snacks by using high quality and natural ingredients. Amazin 's Graze was founded by Amy Zheng, Ching Yi Lee, and Sabrina How. The idea came from Amy, an Australian, and 33 years old. She is a yoga instructor who pursues healthy lifestyle and found an issue which is the unavailability of healthy foods and hard to get it when she in Malaysia. In the April of 2015, she partnered with a Malaysian, Ching Yi, 29 years old, who graduate from the University of Melbourne, to create a start-up business which is the birth of Amazin ' Graze. Their goal is the same which is they want Malaysians or South-east Asia to eat and buy the healthy treat at reasonable prices and become a healthy brand across the South-East Asia (Khang Yi, L 2015). In June 2015, they started to produce the products through the online services. In August 2015, the product reaches the market well and sold out everything when they started to sell in small batches of the products in Bangsar Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur. Sabrina, another founder of Amazin ' Graze, she an operation manager to works on the production and supply chain of the company. A retail store and kitchen have built at D7 Sentul in KL by the Amazin ' Graze 's team and expanded the business to Singapore and HongKong now

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