Amazing Grace Kozol Summary

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The Life of Bronx

As Jonathan Kozol talk about the life of the Bronx in New York in his book, Amazing Grace, he talked about a lot of many things going on in the Bronx, like crimes, poverty, health, the environment, and many more. In the book, Kozol mentioned a lot about crimes either a murder, robbery, rape, or shootings. Again, in the book, there was a part that popped out to me, it was about the police in South Bronx. And lastly, the poverty of The Bronx. Although many years have passed, have the situation of the Bronx changed or have it stayed the same? The crime in the book Amazing Grace that Jonathan talked about was very high. There would be shootings happening everyday, murders, drug dealers selling drugs, robberies, and rape. But according to this website, have said that the crime rate have declined by 71 percent between the year 1993 to 2010.
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“Several officers told us that concern about civilian complaints resulted in avoidance of situations likely to generate complaints. As one officer put it, “A lot of cops are scared to do their jobs.” This has resulted, these officers believed, in officers being less willing to get involved in enforcement actions, especially quality-of-life offenses or stop-and-frisk situations, which officers feel are likely to lead to complaints of abuse” (Robert C. Davis, 9). Due to the rate of crimes there at that time, the police were scared to risk their lives and that the civilians had some kind of dislike towards the police and that made the police uncomfortable with the civilians. But because of the old policy policy, it was said that they paired a younger man with an attitude to an experience officer. So doing those years, the police were more weaker and so that is why they were more
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