Amazon Case Study

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1. Trust worthy:
Amazon have gained the trust of many of their customers and it is safe. They guarantee your money back if your order was misled or damaged in any way. In addition, their fast delivery makes their customers satisfied and gain their trust.
2. Diversification:
The diversification of products on amazon is one of the best worldwide. Their wide range of products, almost anything you can think of is available on amazon like electronics, supplements, accessories, clothes etc.
3. Ships worldwide: Another that makes amazon strong is that it ships worldwide. This has made amazon one of the leaders of e-commerce because it can reach any person in the world.
4. Execution:
EBay and Amazon has a good execution and delivers everything right
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In Amazon or eBay, customer service replies quickly if the customer have any complain.

6. Reviews from customers:
Under every product on amazon is a feedback from every customer that bought a product from a specific buyer. All positive feedback makes every customer satisfied and trustworthy of Amazon. Customers can see other customer's reviews or feedback regarding the product. This might help them to know more about the material or equality suggested by others.
2) Discuss why Amazon is not successful in China (list at least five reasons). (20 points – 4 points each)
1. Amazon was unable to compete with Chinese marked such as Alibaba and Taobao.
2. Amazon uses credit card for payment and most Chinese consumers does not use credit card but instead they use Alipay, which is one of the famous method of online payment in china.
3. In 1990s, Taobao started its business whereas in 2007 Amazon started its business in china. Therefore, Toaboa has higher trust and market share than Amazon.
4. Amazon did not understand customers quickly and they had nothing new to offer.
5. Amazon did not understand the cultural terms of Chinese e-commerce
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Therefore, to advertise your products online, you must first spend money to make money. There are many ways to make people aware of your products. Firstly, you can make give away of your products, so that people can try your products free, this is because everybody love free products and this way could be a perfect approach to customers. Another way is to advertise on social media, Instagram, Facebook and even Twitter. This is because every person is available on social media and is an easy approach to every customer on their phone. We can advertise online using pop-up or pop-under ads. Pop-up ads usually appears when you open a window or page, this can be a good advertising method because people may notice our ads anytime. Sometimes people stay for a long period in a page therefore; banner is also a good method to use. Banners contains text messages and sometimes with sound to grab customers

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