Amazon Café: Competitor Analysis Of Amazon Cafe

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Competitor Analysis of Amazon Café
Definition of Competitor
1) Black Canyon Coffee
2) TRUE Coffee
TRUE True Coffee good selection sincere. The goodwill of True. To important customers, such as you ...
We want you to be happy with a smile from the use of the product. And True It was an idea that seems to have a lot of quality coffee. Customers come into the living The meeting point for recreation, as well as the tourists. And internet access, including WiFi that lets you surf Quickly ... True Coffee House at 3 after this had happened at first. The road since 2548
True Coffee is not just good coffee. Rather, attention to customer needs. In terms of atmosphere, the focus has to sit back and relax. Relieve fatigue with couch. Relaxing with a
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We take the issue of "coffee" as in every stage, from the selection of coffee beans, focus only 100% Arabica varieties, the best quality. From northern Thailand By planting our selection needs to be cultivated on more than 1000 meters high or more and how to grow a shade entreated. Along the slope of the hill. The coffee trees grow slowly. And store food in the coffee beans to the full. Until the harvest The harvest is another important step. By choosing a ripe cherry beans only. The washed beans. Including dried beans. To control humidity And the occurrence of fungi Before the coffee is packed in a linen sack. It does not take a bag of fertilizer Plastic bags or decisively To prevent foreign smell could be absorbed into the coffee…show more content…
Franchise Disadvantages
Franchise Fee/ Investment
Sr. No. Comparison with competitor companies Black Canyon TRUE Amazon Myanmar
1. Franchise Fee 1,400,000 baht 500,000 baht 150,000 baht
2. Initial Investment 7.3 million baht for new outlet 1.5 million baht for new outlet - 2.3 million baht for new outlet.
- 1 million USD (Master Franchise License for Myanmar Market)
3. Royalty Fee 5% of total sales 3% of total monthly income
4. Marketing Fee 2% of sales per month 3% of total monthly income
5. Minimum space for a typical outlet (Full-Service Coffee House) 120 square meters 80 square meters 162.5 square meters with front and side balconies
6. Contract Period 10 years 10 years
7. Distribution Near Event Organizing Areas, Anchor Tenant, Leisure Theme Park, Cineplex, Airport, Plaza Office Buildings, Shopping Centers, near the Campuses Gas Stations, Railway Stations, Hospitals, Schools, Office Buildings
8. Price 55-180 Baht Start from 45 Baht
9. Main Target Customers Shoppers, Medium Income Earners, Travelers Tourists, Officers, Students Travelers, Officers,

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