Amazon Forest Research Paper

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If we continue cutting down forests then soon we will no longer have any forests. It is extremely unfortunate how over 50% of the world forests have been cut down. As a result animals are loosing their habituate and species are going extinct. Not only are animals effected but even humans and the rest of the environment. Rain forests and other forests produce most oxygen that we need. By cutting down the trees for our own needs we are selfishly and slowly killing the world, but there are ways people could fix their mistakes before it is too late. The Amazon forest is home to thousands of different animal species. For over hundreds of years animals have been roaming the Amazon 's forest without much of a care. They never feared of loosing their homes but now so many of them already lost their homes due to deforestation. Habitat destruction is a huge problem and if we don 't put a stop to it now we will kill off some of the greatest species. An example of a species that is endangered from deforestation is the tiger and mountain gorilla. No one would have ever though that these two would be endangered of extinction but now it is huge problem. The list of endangered animals in the Amazon forest goes on and on. There is an estimation of about 50,000 species disappearing each year due to…show more content…
One and a half acres of forest is cut down per second for our own needs. If the current rate of deforestation continues then it won 't take long before we destroy all rain forests on earth. The reasons for deforestation in the Amazon include agriculture, Cattle ranching, logging, mining, oil companies, and dams. There are over 121 different natural remedies that can be found in the rain forest that could be used as medicines. Not only do we use the rain forests for products and land space but we also get oxygen out of it. 20% of the worlds oxygen is produced in Amazon forest. People should come to realize that the rain forest will not survive if we keep
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