Amazon, Inc.: SWOT Analysis Of Amazon

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Executive Summary
Amazon is a giant in the online retailing business. The organization’s strengths include the minimum structure and cost strategy, product diversity, a structured delivery system and its customer-oriented policies. The company offers clients a wide range of products at lower prices compared to its competitors. Weaknesses are large debts, product failure, tax evasion, reduction in margins and losses due to free shipping. Tax evasion gives Amazon a bad reputation; for this reason, some potential clients do not want to be associated with it. In some cases, the public does not buy a new product hence leading to losses. Growth opportunities are the availability of third world markets
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is an online retail organization that deals with a wide range of products such as electronics, books, magazines, foodstuff, house-ware, clothes, shoes, etc. The company’s position in the field of online business is attributed to strategies such as organizational culture, human resource and cost policies.
2 ×2 SWOT Matrix Helpful Harmful Strengths Weaknesses internal i. The minimum structure and cost strategy is the key to making maximum profits in the organization. In 2016, Amazon had the highest number of online sales in the world; its earnings stood at $130 billion. The reduced expenses are due to the elimination of physical offices that require rent and electrical charges. ii. Amazon trades in diverse products; the organization began as an online bookstore but currently sells pets, foods, etc. the company offers support services where consumers and business owners can access IT support. iii. The company’s primary goal is to meet consumer’s needs. Amazon retains at least 50% of its first-time customers thus reducing advertising costs. iv. The organization’s structured delivery system ensures that clients receive their orders even in remote areas. Also, delivery in some areas is
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