Personal Narrative: My Trip To The Amazon

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My trip to the amazon jungle
It was 5 a.m. at the airport in Cali, Colombia. We were all waiting for the plane to start our trip to the Amazon jungle. We got on the plane and the flight lasted an hour and a half, and when we were arriving, we looked through the window, and the only thing we could see was endless green. In addition, the Amazon River that we could see from the plane looked like a gigantic anaconda. When we arrived at the airport in Leticia, the capital of the Colombian amazon, the first sensation I had was the suffocating heat and humidity, a kind of humidity that made my clothes stick to my body. When we got there we met the guide, who separated us all in taxis, and took us to the end of the road, from where we had to start
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In the night, the "shaman", the leader of the maloca welcomed us, and took us on a short walk to show us some night animals of the jungle, like spiders, snakes, and sloths; I do not have enough words to describe the Amazonian jungle, that was a feeling that makes people shudder, if we were separated for a minute we were alone in such an exorbitantly large place full of animals, insects, snakes, and other scary creatures. It was so scary just to think about it. We arrived from our walk and the community in the maloca had prepared a huge bonfire for us, and a dinner, rice, fish, and bananas; food that would accompany us during the entire trip. Finally we rested, and I was exhausted, but it was a difficult night, because I had never slept in a hammock, and it was somewhat uncomfortable. The next day, as I mentioned before we ate the same thing from the previous day, I am not complaining, because gave their food to us. And I really appreciated it. If perhaps you were wondering, there were no bathrooms, no showers; the bathroom was the jungle, and the shower the river, so we into in the river and we managed to refresh a little. We took our backpacks and we entered the jungle again, I was still astonished to see the jungle, I was never tired of watching it, of thinking that I was in the lung of the world. This time we walked to the pier, it was about an hour walk from the maloca to the pier, on the…show more content…
When we arrived, we were separate by pairs and given to a family, mine was conformed by a couple, a really young one, and they two little boys and a baby girl. All the houses were made of wooden boards, it was very humble place, they did not have electricity or safe drinking water, they recollected the water from the rain, in a very large blue tank, also they did not have a toilet or nothing like it, they bathe in the Amazon River while the children play in the water. They had to go fishing to eat, and plant some plantain palms, and fruit trees. We were divided by one woman, and one man per house, and we had to help them with the daily task. The men were fishing at the afternoon, and hunting in the morning. The women recollect fruits and species, cook, clean, wash clothes at the river; that was what I did mostly. The family that took us for those days were really nice people, they all looked older than they were, I believed is for the difficult life they have. Nothing about those six days was easy, I missed my family the most, because there was nothing exciting to do, so we had a lot of time to think, we did the daily task and by 6 everyone must be in their houses, and sleeping because the mosquitoes, they were crazy nothing like you have seen before, they were really big, and they could trespass the clothes and hammocks it was really out of this world. Now I appreciate those days there because they
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