How Harmful Are Amazon Targeting Poor Cities?

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Online shopping is one of the most popular ways to buy desired item, especially from places such as Amazon. But what most is that do not know is that Amazon is Actually using poor cities to benefit themselves. Many articles state that Amazon is targeting the poor cities as a location. It may not seem much of a bad thing, because they are creating more jobs. In reality Amazon mistreats their workers because they know that the people need jobs. This shows that the company does not care for the workers, rather they care for the numbers. Amazon does have one of the quickest shipping processes for the reason that their workers are always being timed. Amazon most definitely does not help poor cities due to its, lower pay, working conditions and the strain that the company puts on their workers. Whether people believe it or not, there are many things wrong with this.…show more content…
In an article named “Amazon is Creating 100,000 U.S. Jobs, but at What Cost?” it states that many of the jobs will be “low-paying jobs at fulfillment centers….” There are many things that will possibly be hidden until you are able to start your job. With a job like Amazon, workers are eligible to gain workers benefits. But you are not able to pertained until you have taken part in their company for two years. There are many places that have similar jobs to Amazon, but pay more to their workers. An example being Stater Brothers. They also pays their workers $21 per hour, while amazon pays only $12 per hour. Stater Brothers also provides full workers benefits, for the worker and their family. Amazon only provides so much, as in insurance, that the employees still have to use money from their own

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