Case Study Of Amazon's Marketing Strategy

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Marketing has become a major driving force for any business, and huge organizations have understood the importance of the same. The particular report will highlight on the key factors of an organization that are considered while devising the marketing strategy. The report will focus on Amazon, one of the biggest E-commerce companies across the globe. E-commerce has changed the way how people buy things and as the competition is increasing in the respective field it becomes important for a market leader like Amazon to focus on various factors to keep it going. The repost will focus on the market environment in which company operates through PESTLE analysis. Further the report will showcase
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Any natural calamity or disaster may affect the distribution channel, the warehouses and communication channel of Amazon. Therefore, the company has to frame a stringent policy to face such situation and execute operations in a smooth manner.
Before entering in any country or operating in a particular market, the management has to consider the regulation framed by the government. For E-commerce, legal regulations like Data Protection Act, providing easy payment gateways and protecting the user information is important. Following fair practices and passing authentic information about the products are some factors that need to be considered by Amazon.
Customer Analysis Of
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From children to adults, anyone can be a customer of Amazon and providing products that can cater to the requirements of each age group is a tough task for the management. The quality expectations, the price range and the brand preference of each customer vary and the company needs to provide a large range of choice to become a market leader. Many customers shop according to the price range and budget therefore, providing a decent range in each price range is again considered to be an important parameter for Amazon. User experience is another important parameter that needs to be analyzed on a regular basis, as customers will not prefer any shopping site which gives hard time to them while buying and making payments online. A payment gateway is another factor that makes a major difference for the customers in choosing the site they prefer to shop. The more options the company will provide to make payment, the probability of attracting more customers accordingly increases. Easy return, exchange and after sales service is the next factor which further creates a game changing step for E-commerce portals. If the customers find it hard to return the products or don't get proper guidance from the support team, it is a negative sign for the company and chances of losing such customers definitely increases. Assurance of quality is another factor which restricts many customers from buying online portals

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