Amazon Porter's Five Forces Analysis

1000 Words4 Pages Inc., is an online market place where sellers and buyers meet, Amazon sellers are described as third parties showcasing their house products to millions of people around the world. Founded by Jeff Bezos who was born on January 12, 1964 in New Mexico to his teenage mother, Jackie.Jackie divorced Bezos’ father that same year. When Bezos was five years old, Jackie remarried to Miguel Bezos, a Cuban-born engineer for Exxon. The family moved to Houston, Texas, near a 25,000 acre ranch owned by Bezos’ maternal grandfather. It was then when Bezos would spend most of his summers learning the basics of everything from veterinary care for cattle to repairing bulldozers in what he now calls “just an incredible, incredible experience.”…show more content…
The company was founded by the American entrepreneur, visionary and investor Jeff Bezos in 1994 where it was formed initially as…show more content…
The logo evolved from river to a smiling arrow pointing A to Z, we are happy to deliver anything anywhere.
The purpose of this report is to demonstrate a strategic recommendation plan to incorporation board of directors, stake holders and CEO to formally showcase a clearer picture of how amazon can develop the core competencies and future strategic direction.
PESTEL and SWOT Analysis were used to examine and analyze the external environments, Majority of middle class and low-cost influence of distribution centers in Asia and specifically the Middle East and GULF countries are a high potential opportunities for AMAZON.COM to take a big slice of the market share and grow income massively.
On the downside, Amazon should work massively harder on deploying a user friendly interface and add Arabic and Asian countries translation into their website, establish shipping agreements with local Asian shipping companies to secure arrival of consumer orders on time to secure success and growth in ASIA with emphasis on MENA and GULF regions. 2-External
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