The Environmentalist: The Amazon Rainforest

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The Amazon Rain forest is losing its natural landscape more and more as the loggers who are cutting down trees and removing its importance to the world. Cattle ranchers are also a big problem to the amazon rain forest because they are removing land just for the cattle to have more space. About 20% of the world's fresh air is found coming from the Amazon Rainforest also the environmentalist are helping the Amazon a lot by letting tourist to learn about the rainforest and the donations and money they receive goes to the rain forest so they can help the amazon survive this terrible crime.
The Environmentalist want to help by slowing down the clearing of the rainforest. They hold tours for tourists to learn new information about what is happening
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How Brazil became the world leader in reducing environmental degradation. In the 1990s, when an area of Brazilian rainforest the size of Belgium has fallen every year in the Amazon, people would think that they could make so much money from clearing the forest that they would go on cutting them down. But I disagree on the statement about cutting down the trees because they mean so much to us and the animals that live in the rainforest. We get some benefits like food, for example bananas, avocados, coffee, spices as in cinnamon and pepper, Brazil nuts, and cashew. You can also get products from the Amazon like shampoo, medicine which the Amazon also provides, we also need moisture so when your skin gets dry, you can use lotion. Moisturiser ingredients have lots of Amazonian plants like Brazil nut and coconut…show more content…
They are taking care of the amazon, keeping it safe from other harmful things trying to destroy it, buying helpful products to keep it alive and safe, and raising money by hosting tours around the rivers and explaining what is going on in the amazon as of now and how they can help it and keep it safe. These fundraisers are saving the amazon instead of other people who do fundraisers like these using the money they earn to buy things for them and not the cause they are supporting. I support the Environmentalists on their way to saving and slowing down the process of destructing the amazon rainforest, how a small group of people destructing a big group of land affects not just the land but the world and impacts lots of stuff we use and the things that live in the
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