Amazon Rainforest

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Native Amazonians don 't want their traditions and homes taken away from them. The Amazon rainforest is dying and becoming smaller and smaller because of loggers, settlers, and cattle ranchers they are taking the amazonians homes away from them. Unlike the runner trappers and environmental groups trying to get resources without harming the Amazon rainforest for what people want not what they need. The Amazonians have been marked by brutality, slavery, violence, disease, and genocide. There was around 11 million amazonians living in about 2 thousand tribes. within the first century of contact, 90% where wiped out mainly through diseases imported by colonist , such as flu, measles, smallpox Etc. The following centuries, thousands more died or were enslaved to rubber or sugar cane plantations. 1967, a federal prosecutor named Jader Figueiredo published a 7 thousand page report of atrocities and crimes committed against the Amazonians, ranging from…show more content…
The Amazonians use the rainforest as their way of life. They use it for their homes, food, traditions, etc. Few Amazonian tribes are nomadic or migratory. They tend to live deep in the forest away from the rivers. They grow some crops but rely more on hunting and gathering. They get many benefits from the forest like fresh soil for crops lots of animals in the forest to hunt. They benefit the world by be a historical part of it that has lived on for thousands of years and it also gives us another reason why not to take the forest down for wood products made for people 's wants not their needs. We should support the amazonians and how they use the rainforest because they have been there longer than us and survived without taking down any trees. They use straw in broken tree branches for their homes. Unlike the loggers trying to destroy the forest for money and homes for people. The Amazonians also have less of a chance to start a forest fire unlike us who live inside when they live in the forest using the land to
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