Amazon Rainforest: The Amazon Is A Sublime Environment

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The Amazon
The Amazon is a sublime location. This region is abundant in species of vegetation and animals, many of which have not even been discovered (National Geographic). The animals of the Amazon Rainforest all come together to form a complex and intricate ecosystem. Deforestation, climate change, are factors that have recently come against the Amazon Rainforest (National Geographic). In this scenario, the future of the Amazon Rainforest appears bleak. A from National Geographic focuses on specific animals that have inhabited the rainforest for up to millions of years, their relations with one another, and the factors that threaten their survival.
To begin the video, the narrator gives some background information about the Amazon Rainforest. BBC states "The Amazon River Basin by any measure, is one of the greatest habitats on earth. The world 's largest rainforest is watered by the world 's mightiest river. It is home to the greatest diversity of living things anywhere, and dozens are still discovered every year. But, the Amazon is changing fast, threatening the animals and plants that have thrived here for millions of years, their future hangs in the balance" (National Geographic.) The Amazon Rainforest is a wonder and should be respected, it is sickening to think that this monumental location could be destroyed. After the background of the location, National Geographic jumped right in to the variety of animals that inhabit the Amazon. First up is the black

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