Amazon Vision Statement Analysis

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The Amazon vision statement is “To be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online ( There are three important characteristics such as Global reach, Customer prioritization, and the widest selection of products. Global reach with Amazon is to make the company globally with authority in a e-commerce retail online. Customer prioritization is the customer is the most important people and comes first in the online business. Amazon’s vision statement is to continue on increasing the product lines and keep on growing the markets. For example, if a product is offered on eBay at a certain price, then Amazon will offer a cheaper price to attract customers. The last one is the widest selection of products which is…show more content…
Amazon had the advantage over Walmart, Best Buy, and Netflix in some cases. Amazon and Walmart both have the online shopping experience, but Amazon does their best to have lower prices than Walmart. Some customers love the fact they do not have to go to Walmart and fight the long lines and shop in the privacy of their home. Amazon’s stability is in their revenue and the net sales are more than Walmart. Amazon goal is to lower their prices than Walmart. Walmart feels threaten by Amazons by wanting to improve their sales, inventory, and the store website. Best Buy competes with Amazon by changing the store appearances. Personally, I have gone to Best Buy and see something that I wanted was too expensive. So, Amazon would have the product at a cheaper price. Amazon has the competitive advantage over Netflix because of pricing. Netflix is $7.99 a month at $95.88 a year when Amazon customer can get Amazon Prime for $79.00 a year. Netflix only offers movies to watch. Amazon offers more for the price. Endless streaming, two-day shipping, and an option to receive a free kindle book each month (,
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