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Abenaki Museum The first highlight of this tour is comprised of the activities listed on day one, which includes the Abenaki museum and the First Peoples Festival. The Abenaki museum in Odanak Quebec, was the first Aboriginal museum in Quebec, founded by a group of Odanak elders and a missionary named Remi Dolan. This museum shows of the art and exhibits on the culture of the Abenaki aboriginal group, who lived in Quebec and Maritimes area. The museum shows the Abenaki traditional way of life through exhibits, a multimedia show, and workshops on Abenaki knowledge. This is a great educational opportunity, which can be used to understand more about the Abenaki perspective the world and how they interacted with their environment.
On our tour of the Abenaki museum, we will be able to view a multimedia show on the Abenaki’s creation myths which can help us relate to their views of the world. We will also be visiting both the permanent and temporary exhibits. The permanent exhibit showcases tools and methods of transport used by the Abenaki, also it includes information on what they hunted and how they lived on the land. The temporary exhibit shows videos of traditional craftspeople teaching about their craft and its role in the Abenaki society, in addition to this there is also a small exhibit on crafts.
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This festival is meant to teach and keep the aboriginal culture known, the festival is usually held around late July each year, the festival this year is the 25th festival since its founding. Every year, a variety of activities are offered to express the aboriginal culture, these activities range from a parade, to workshops to movies. During the event our tour group will be exploring many different workshops and exhibitions over the course of one day, even though the event is one week long, but we will make sure to give you the best possible

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