Amber Alert: Informational Speech Outline

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Sarah Bundy
Sheri Waltz
Speech 103
14 March 2017
Informational Speech: Amber Alert
Attention Gaining Device: Have you ever been missing? Has your mom or dad ever lost you in the store? SOUND CURIOUS
Credibility Statement: Well, my mom has lost me once or twice. When I was a child, I often wandered away.
Reference Statement: I am sure you have been missing at one point or another.
Preview Statement: The Amber Alert, which stands for America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response, has saved missing children across the United States.
The Amber Alert is a public service announcement that has rich history and a deeper meaning than a buzzing or beeping phone.
I. According to the Amber Alert government website, the Amber Alert was created in 1996 when Amber
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Donna Williams stated, “If it wasn’t for Amber, we would not have the Amber Alert today” when interviewed by NBC News (Barber). GESTURE
1. Even though Amber was killed, her death has saved several children from abductors.
a. According to the United State’s Department of Justice, “868 children have been rescued because of [the] Amber Alert” (Amber Alert).
b. The department also ensured that there are 86 different Amber Alert plans (Amber Alert).
Amber Alerts are no joke. When Amber Alerts are issued, there is a process on filing information before the alert is sent out.
II. According to the United State’s Department of Justice, a missing child must “[meet] Amber Alert criteria” (Amber Alert).
A. First, law enforcement has to have “reasonable belief” of the abduction (Amber Alert).
B. Second, law enforcement must think that “the child is in imminent danger of serious bodily injury or death” (Amber Alert).
C. Third, the child must be “17 years or younger” (Amber Alert).
D. Fourth, there must be “descriptive information” about the child and abductor to issue an alert (Amber Alert).
The Amber Alert is one of the largest public service announcement systems created to save missing
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