Amber Alert Research Paper

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We get notified on our phones, television's, and even on the radio sometimes that there is a missing child. This system has saved the lives of so many children. This notification is called an Amber Alert. You would think that this would have always existed but it didn't even take effect until the late 90’s. Even after that it wasn't nationwide until later down the line. I'm going teach you about the progression of Amber Alert and the history behind it. After you have completed reading this you will know the important historical events of Amber Alert. Now let begin the Journey of Amber Alert.
On January 13, 1996 in Arlington, Texas Amber Hagerman was riding her bike with her little brother, Ricky. Her brother Ricky decided to part ways with Her and when he came back she was gone. Someone witnessed the abduction and immediately called the police. Ricky raced home to tell his family what had taken place. 4 days after her being missing she was found in a creek dead from her neck being sliced open. Amber’s body was found 5 miles
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Dallas radio and TV personalities worked with law enforcement to create a strategy that could help make it easier to obtain missing children. Other states began to use this strategy or idea to help them also find also find missing children. In 2003 George W. Bush signed The Protect Act, which allowed the authorities to punish anyone in some kind of way who committed crimes against children. All 50 states, and even other parts of the world had plans involving Amber Alert around the year of 2009. Canada also decided to join in on Amber Alert and the idea continued to grow across the Mexico. Social networks began to send out Amber Alert notifications to help law enforcement even more in 2011. Google decided to also join in and help law enforcement by adding alerts to their site. December of 2012 the first Amber Alert is sent out. In January of 2013 the first child ever is rescued using Amber
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