Amber Stevenson's Descriptive Essay

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A bleach blonde bombshell named Amber Stevenson stretches seductively on a black ocean of velvet covers, waiting for her me to fuck her in a scene. Her kawii shaped eyes, ebony shaped lips, triangular shaped cheekbones, and upturned shaped nose, coated with a thick layer of baby-doll makeup, did not provide her with the perfection of angelic beauty, but more the imperfection in sex appeal. However, her body being more childlike than woman, possessed skin so white that it almost seemed prosthetic. Not a pimple, mole, freckle, Jackson Pollack this lactescent embodiment of visual purity. Consequently, the juxtaposition made her dangerously desirable to perverts.
These physical attributes and the visceral tenacity to please cock (which had won
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Generally a man retaining an odious personality of fast food burps and beer farts. What was really repellent about this man was the excessive amount of body hair. Long black chest and armpit hair sprouting from the caves of his greasy white stained t shirt, always trying to grab a new host by its tentacles, specifically when people walked past him at a quick pace, moved the pubic hair to their direction, hungry like zombie arms reaching for soft flesh.
"What 's up with this guy?" i hear specky complain to his colleague. "All should I say what 's down".
"When you 've got no lead you can 't shoot", snorts the beast. i can see Speacky starting to show a vulpine grin through the crease in the door.
"What are you smiling at?"
"It 's funny, in an ironic way". Speacky replies.
"How do you mean, ironic? ' exclaims the fat man."And before you answer, I know what ironic means" He says with an unease projection of a man who never went to college or read anything apart from hustler and playboy, the bastard.
"You must have seen it."
"Seen what?"
"The commercial." ' ' Commercial, what 's so ironic? ' '
"Well, are impotent actor happens to be in a commercial dressed as a Roman selling a
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The character of this particular specimen was the type that took great passion in the films that he spawned. And, to the people, that had the honour or should I say the horror of working with him, enduring great shame in mass of used up fortitude, (and I like to add that I 'm one of them) had to put up with a great deal. He made atrocities without a shred of decently. One could say a driving force without a moral steering wheel when it came to making movies for people who needed to de- stress. Every porno he produced was to him a work of celluloid platinum. He pretty much did everything in such inadequate artistry. Wrote the screenplay, composed the music, cut the editing. He wanted to revitalize story telling in porn and not just random scenes of fuck. ' 'There has to be a story. Building up tension which will always create a better climax with a plot ' ' was his augment
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