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1349 Words6 Pages FEATURES OF AMBIENT VIBRATION TESTING There are several methods of determining the natural modes of vibration of structure as built. The AVT has a number of features which makes it particularly attractive over other methods. The features of AVT are given below [Wenzel and Pichler, 2005]: The instrument is light weight and portable. This permits data to be recorded at a large number of locations with very little interference with the normal flow of activity. There is no requirement for attachment of equipment to the structure with the resulting patchwork which has to be done. The levels of vibration recorded are those that the structure is constantly being subjected to and owners have no fear of damage during testing. The instrument…show more content…
Records of seismic waves allow seismologists to map the interior of the Earth, and locate and measure the size of these different sources. In this dissertation two different type of sensor are used for the frequency measurement (1) Accelerometer (Kinemetrics FBA-2 Episensor) (2) Short period sensors (Kinemetrics SS-1) [Passcal Instrument Centre]. Accelerometer: It also known as strong-motion sensors, are designed to measure the large amplitude, high frequency seismic waves typical of large local earthquakes, and operate in the frequency band 0 Hz to 100+ Hz. Kinemetrics FBA-2 Episensor: The Kinemetrics Episensor force-balanced accelerometer is a uniaxial surface package designed primarily for structural engineering applications. However, it can be used in a variety of applications for measuring accelerations up to ±4g and down to the ambient noise level. With full-scale recording ranges of ± 0.25 to ± 4g (user selectable) the Episensor provides on-scale recording of earthquake motions even at near-fault locations and in a wide variety of structure

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