Ambiguity Between Sanity And Insanity

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Through the use of the theory of deconstruction, Findley exemplifies the ambiguity of the novel; focusing on, the equivocal nature of sanity and insanity through Robert’s and Rodwell’s experiences with animals and violence; the blurred lines between friendship and enmity examined through the encounter with the German soldier and Robert’s rape; and finally, the indefinite concepts of family and stranger are demonstrated via Mrs Ross’s relationship with Robert and his connection with Harris. Firstly, the exploration of the ambiguity between sanity and insanity is found within Robert’s attempt to save the horse in which he ends up killing Captain Leather. In Robert’s eyes, what Captain Leather did was mad but his own actions are not seen as sane…show more content…
Robert’s rape, which was executed by his fellow soldiers, people he considered friends, strengthens this argument. Last of all, the ambiguous concepts of family and stranger are contested when Mrs Ross’s announced that she was a stranger to Robert and she did not care for him. Although, it can be taken for its original meaning, after digging a little deeper, it is discernable that Mrs Ross’s words had a different meaning. Another example for the vagueness of family and stranger is presented when Harris and Robert create an almost familial bond is even though they are essentially just strangers. This exhibits the fact that family is thicker than blood and with the right circumstances, the differentiation between family and stranger is discernable. Findley’s novel, when examined through the lens of deconstruction, reestablishes that the world is truly relative and nothing is ever as it seems. There are no rules or customs that must be taken into account because as soon as the situation changes, the conventions set in place are rendered useless and one must sift through the changes to find the true

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