Ambiguity In A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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The wind and turns of "A Good Man Is Hard to Find" leave the reader bewildered and catapulted, giving off that the last thought went into the design of the story. The essayist leaves the perusers sitting tight for good to beat wretched yet never allows them to have their natural culmination as most stories do which is the thing that gives this story its enrapturing draw. Flannery O'Connor uses theoretical strategies, for instance, conflicts, indicating, imagery, resemblance, and ambiguity to make whimsical characters and a twisted plot. In "A Good Man is Hard to Find," there are a few different characters who are in a constant conflict. The grandmother, similar to each and every other grandmother, can run a man's ear into the ground with…show more content…
She is expressing she dressed as if anyone seeing her dead on the avenue would know as soon as possible she was a lady. In like manner, when they pass the burial ground, it is an implying of their destruction, and also the five graves address what number of people they had in the auto, short the cat. Also, the cat is in like manner sudden. The animal thrown out of the window, yet it shows up to go down finally rubbing on the Misfit's legs. "Take her off and hurl her where you hurled the others," he said, getting the cat that was rubbing itself against his leg (959). The grandma has diverged from the cat. Bailey hurled the cat out the window, and the Misfit's partners throw the grandmother into the forested regions. Also, the family is having an examination about the Misfit at Red Sammy's, which is surprising in light of the way that it is not long a while later that they indeed meet the escaped convict (951). In like manner, the Misfit's idea on the grandmother is surprising when he communicates that "she would have been a not too bad woman had she had some individual there to shoot her every snapshot of her life" (955). Most of O'Connor's devices enhance the general plot. "A Good Man is Hard to Find" retells a record of all the severe dislike in this world and that it is so tricky a tolerable person. By making strong characters and using figurative tongue and creative frameworks, O'Connor leaves the reader with a story that is stacked with meanders heedlessly. The story exhibits that in the blink of an eye there is no one beside a dim burial service wagon and shots toward a special
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