Ambiguity In Batman

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There is something inherently fascinating about the dark, about the more morally ambiguous parts of life of others and ourselves. It is an allurement that is as organic as the desire for happiness for we are humans and we are made of three parts which are the light, the dark and everything in between. The sad truth about life is that most of us spend most of our lives trying to reconcile all the different seemingly contrasting fragments that go into shaping us and our identities. These little fragments we try reconcile include interacting and making peace with our dark sides. This comes with no surprise in the movie which therefore enables us to connect with fictional characters that are undergoing similar journeys such as the Dark Knight.…show more content…
Christopher Nolan has used different filming techniques developing and portraying Batman as a ‘superhero’ by using things such as lightning and camera…show more content…
The protagonist is not necessarily required to continuously speak in order for the viewers to understand but rather the camera is also used to convey the story.
Camera movement speaks a language of its own and this as altered the tone of a scene simply by changing the way it is moved. For instance if we take Britt's rooftop scene: the camera circles around the three characters as they argue and try to figure out a plan. The stakes are high and so are the tensions. In order to show the audience that the stakes are currently high they is a theory used that’s called Aesthetic theory, which states that kinetic energy within a camera moving around stationary characters creates a sense of confusion or even suspicion. Pay attention to the eye-line (specific camera angle that is at eye-level). In the context of dialog and how you can communicate reversals or tone changes in the conversation by crossing the eye-line, or line of action. This is demonstrated when Britt explains the epic "Interrogation Room" scene. This scene helps portray police brutality in which Batman has been implementing throughout
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