Ambiguity In Macbeth

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In Macbeth, by William Shakespeare, the theme of moral ambiguity plays a reacturent role throughout the play, through Lady Macbeth a dynamic character. Lady Macbeth goes on the journey of having to face her moral ambiguity, after her desire for her husband to become king of Scotland. Her desire came from a prophecy the witches told her husband and this is the first indication Lady Macbeth makes displaying her priorities and what she values. Lady Macbeth prior to this moment as come across as a normal and leveled headed character who would not have evil intentions, however; as this spark of desire comes so does her passion for evil doings. There is a pivotal change in her entire attitude, from the moment she begins to question her moral ambiguity which takes place after she comes to terms with her own emotions which she can no longer push aside, ultimately leading to betrayal of herself.
Previous to her first plotting of evil, Lady Macbeth is seen as a morally righteous and sane person who simply has a well off life with her husband. However, she turns completely opposite from the greed she acquires within herself wanting her husband to become king. A now selfish and greed hungry Lady Macbeth, plans and succeeds in the murder of Duncan, the first person in the way of Macbeth’s thrown. The act of taking someone’s life proves further all of her moral
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The theme of moral ambiguity is portrayed through Lady Macbeth, throughout the whole play which contributes to each individual betrayal and evil plot in the play. Lady Macbeth, changes the dynamic of the play by constantly setting a tone for the struggle between good vs. evil which leads to her ultimate struggle within herself as her own moral ambiguity stares her in the face and becomes the her hardest conflict she must take
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