Ambiguity In Patrick Bateman's American Psycho

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American Psycho takes place in New York City in the midst of the Wall Street boom in the 1980s with the main character and narrator being Patrick Bateman, a successful investment banker who appears to live an ordinary life amongst the rich of New York City. Bateman and all the people he associates with come off instantly to the viewer as materialistic and vain caring about nothing but who has the best clothes, business cards and even restaurant reservations. Each individual is made out to care about nobody but themselves even getting each other’s names wrong and mixing them up with other people’s, in the world of American Psycho each character is the king of their own world but when it comes to Bateman the viewer finds his world to be even more distorted than everyone else’s as his persona unravels across the story. Bateman’s psyche truly begins to spiral out of control when the jealousy and pure hatred reaches a high and he murders the colleague he despises most named Paul Allen where after he takes over Allen’s apartment which then becomes his home for where he conducts a series of brutalities that include rape, torture and mutilation. Bateman’s obsession with being number one in everyone’s…show more content…
The original ending leaves the viewer pondering so many questions whether Bateman truly did commit the murders and how he succeeded in not getting caught for so long considering the sheer outlandishness of some of the murders or whether everything seen across the film was just simply part of a twisted fantasy in the warped psyche of Bateman, my ending however would focus on the point that Bateman is in fact guilty of most of the

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